Please read these simple rules before joining:

You obviously must be a fan of this movie but I guess you figured that out already. Otherwise, why are you even here??

You don't need to have a website to join but if you do have a site, you must put a member plaque or a text link up on a visible page of your site linking to here, no exceptions. Otherwise I will not add your site. (You link me, I link you.)

Do not direct link to these buttons. Save them on your own server and link it back to If you direct link, I won't list your site. Stealing bandwith is not cool!! Ok, not sure what direct linking is?? Read this.

You must fill out the form completely, with a valid email address. You MUST submit your Name, Country and E-mail address. Applications without these 3 items will be deleted, and if you don't have a website, please put N/A.

No anti/bashing/porn/racist sites will be added and no offensive material. What I mean is: No illegal material of any kind in your website. Any inappropiate sites will not be listed.

If your email or site address has changed, please email me to let me know the new one.

Do not submit a webpage if it's not already up and running. No hiatus, no moved.

You have at least one week to get the code up. I update my fanlistings frequently. Before you and your site can be added I will be checking your site for a button/banner/text link to this site but I don't have the time to look for the code through God-knows-how-many pages your site has. If I don't find it, I'm only gonna list your name and mail, without your site.

Keep the button on your page. I do periodically check links, and I will remove outdated links and any pages where I can't find the fanlisting graphic easily.

Any other rules that I forgot should be common sense. So, in other words, use your common sense when applying.

That's all at the moment. You read these rules carefully and understood them?? Do you agree with them?? Then pick up a code and join.